Hey there! You’ve arrived at my life, YAY! 😀

It’s a big complex world out there. Here I try to make sense of it. Life is beautiful – doesn’t always seem that way though – here is where I try to stop and smell the roses or shine a light through the fog that sometimes obscures the beauty.

I don’t quite call myself a writer. I’m a blogger by accident. I write because I have a reflex for sharing stuff I find in my journey through life with other people. I’m a very curious person. I have a crushing need to understand everything I come to meet on my pilgrimage (I think it has something to do with a weird prayer my Momma made when I was born; apparently she wanted me to be another Solomon). I think that you’ll find your own journey somewhere in the words around here. If you don’t, I would love very much to come into your world, so please let me in through your comments.

For now, at least, my writing is not going to be regular. Blogging is a way to let off mental pressure for me: like I said, I think a lot and I experience a lot and it’s not easy to find people who can handle the whole load so I write and hope something resonates with someone out there.

I hope you have as fruitful an experience here as I mean to have as well.

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  1. I write to hear more clearly what I think and feel. And sometimes these seem possibly helpful for others. So, we sound like we are coming from close to the same place. Sometimes a writing challenge will take me into new territory, when nothing in particular is presently fermenting inside me. But mostly I ferment too much to have the time. 🙂 I look forward to hearing what is brewing in your mind and heart to nourish what might be lying fallow in mine.

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